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One of our most important responsibilities is being an integral part of the local SKYWARN network.


Our weather spotters have all received National Weather Service training, and participate in our SKYWARN nets when they are available.


We have a need for spotters throughout the county, both home-based and mobile. Those who are at home can relay information observed at their location, serve as an alternate net control station, or act as relay stations. Mobile spotters will be dispatched to key positions within the county to observe and report. Our experienced net control operators monitor radar and the National Weather Service to insure the safety of our spotters.


If you are interested in participating in SKYWARN, you can either visit the Chicago National Weather Service website and sign up for a Basic Weather Spotter training session, or you can see our Training section on this website for links to other training sources. Live NWS training sessions are usually held in the early spring. If you would like further information about ARES and SKYWARN, please contact