Winlink Email Is Live

Kane county amateurs now have the capability to send email using a VHF radio under the Winlink protocol. KC ARES amateurs Robert, W9DSR, and Bill, NF9D, have installed a Winlink Express gateway (WX9CTA-10) and a packet Digipeater (KC9AES-7) at two locations in the county. This system should allow most amateurs in the county to connect to the Winlink system and send/receive email via radio.

For those bordering the easternmost area of the county, the Naperville EMA Winlink Express gateway (NE9MA-10) is available as well.

For those that don’t know, Winlink  is a worldwide radio messaging system that uses amateur-band radio frequencies to provide interconnection services that include email (with attachments), position reporting, weather bulletins, emergency relief communications, and message relays.

We will be making adjustments to the system as time goes on in order to increase coverage. We urge all hams in the county to investigate the capabilities of Winlink and its use for emergency communications.

For more information go to the official Winlink webpage.